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I’m not just talking about one of my favorite David Bowie songs.

As you can see, the site looks a bit different. With our last theme, not only was the text hard to read, but it was also hard to know which author wrote a specific post. You can now also subscribe to our posts or comments via RSS (I recommend Google Reader, but there are plenty of options).

Our changes are only temporary, however, as we have a lot of cool features that we are looking to implement over the next few months. In the meantime, enjoy our posts and feel free to email us at pitaronpark@gmail.com with any comments or suggestions.


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welcomeWelcome to our humble abode. While the official launch date is tomorrow, I wanted to run this test post and get all the kinks out before the, cough cough, massive rush of readers arrives. If you have any questions, please email us at pitaronpark@gmail.com.

Much love from your friendly neighborhood administrator. See you soon!

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