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Within the realm of cosmetics, Ahava certainly holds a certain respect. Founded in 1988, the Israeli company exports its skin-enriching products, infused with minerals from the Dead Sea, to over 30 countries around the world.

On its website under the Environmental Responsibility tab, Ahava writes that “the Company’s activities are undertaken with a view towards preserving the pristine environment and delicate balance of the natural forces in the Dead Sea region.”

Is this true?

To give Ahava some credit, their products are enclosed in recyclable containers and are not tested on animals for research. That’s always a good thing. But there is a bigger, more important issue here.

The Dead Sea, where Ahava harvests its minerals, is fragile territory, reducing in height by as much as one meter a year. Sure, Ahava claims to “take what is strictly needed” for its products, but how can we be certain that their business practices are environmentally conscious?

I think the company should show its own ahava (love, in Hebrew) for the environment by publishing more substantial information about the eco-aspects of its business practices. What do you think?


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