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Well folks, the word is getting out. After a few weeks of posting, we are already starting to get some positive feedback from our readers. Keep the comments and emails coming!

Now, on to the good stuff.

It was during a baby-naming ceremony at the Grand Canyon in 2001 that Rabbi Jamie Korngold became inspired. Korngold acknowledged that roughly 70% of North American Jews are not affiliated with a synagogue and took action by founding and running AdventureRabbi.com, a social-networking website that seeks to bring Judaism into the outdoors. With 300 active participants and over 300,000 online visitors each month, Adventure Rabbi is based out of Boulder, CO and fosters a community that uses the wilderness to stimulate Judaism. Bnei Mitzvah take place in idyllic contours that form natural temples. In the summertime, Shabbat services are held while hiking – in the winter, however, congregates may be wearing ski boots or snowshoes! By bringing Judaism into the outdoors, Rabbi Korngold places a unique, invigorating twist on Reform philosophy and theology.

I know from personal experience that the outdoors can have a surprisingly powerful effect on one’s spirituality, so I wholeheartedly support Adventure Rabbi. The website looks really fun, and if you are looking for an innovative spin on Reform Judaism, check it out. I originally read about Rabbi Kornfeld at Plenty Magazine (read Camping the Faith), an online portal similar to TreeHugger.

This post was written in response to a comment left by Josh/Yoshi Silverstein, an environmental educator in the Pacific Northwest’s Olympic National Park. I’ll leave you with his thoughts on which I couldn’t agree more:

I agree that Judaism has an awful lot about the environment and living sustainably, just as outdoor experiences can inspire, accentuate and invigorate our Judaism and spirituality.

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