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Is there ancient wisdom in the bible that can help direct us to being better moral people in the face of environmental threats? Some believe there is.

Shaul Judelman’s Eco-Activist learning center holds two-week, English spoken sessions that offer a holistic, ecology-based study of the Torah and explores the relationship between ancient texts and modern environmental thought. Read more about Judelman’s plans in an article titled, “Be a Better Environmental Jew.” Judelman grew up in Washington state but now resides in Jerusalem. Click here for a collection of Judelman’s writings, some of which may be helpful in better understanding his unique world view, one that is much appreciated by all of us at Pitaron Park.

TreeHugger.com, the article’s host, is a wonderful resource for the latest in environmental discussion. I first heard about the site last year when I met one of its writers who was covering a sustainable design conference in Chicago. When I read this article, I knew that finding content to write about would not be a problem. There are more than enough Jews around the world interested in environmentalism, and I hope that this site will ultimately increase the number of ecologically-sound Jews throughout the world, one post at a time.


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